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Ways to support BEATS
Make a Payment/ Store
Brewing for BEATS has been postponed but we are still selling raffle tickets and collecting silent auction items!!

We will be postponed at Pontoon Brewery! We will update a date when we can, then come see us, enjoy some excellent craft beer, and check out our silent auction!!!!

PSSSSSSTTTT............ There will be a VERY collectible Coca Cola machine in the silent auction signed by Olympic athletes. 

Interested in helping out for this event?  We need people willing to be involved on a mini committee for this event and lots of unique silent auction items! 

EVEN BETTER!! Buy a Raffle ticket to sponsor one of our riders.  Only $100.00 per ticket and you can get a 1 in 50 chance to win time at a condo in Costa Rica and 1000.00 for travel costs!!!!!!!      See Bethany or Chelsea with questions!

We are so thankful for some awesome companies that donated their time, trucks and materials to help us with our stall floors. 
King Construction and R & H Contracting and Grading brought the materials

Buchanon Tow Company brought over a bobcat to help us distribute material

And Vulcan Materials of Ball Ground helped us with material donation

A big shout out to Tim Larkin for organizing all of it!!!!

A huge THANK YOU to DeNyse Companies for sponsoring Zack! DeNyse Companies is a family-owned, full service company, providing design, fabrication, installation, service and repair for architectural signage, commercial signage, lighting, and solar products nationally. Check them out here!!!


Zack is a welsh pony that has been part of BEATS' team for several years. He is super sweet, LOVES food (all food, his food, food in open stalls going down the aisle, treats - you name it). He is patient and steady for therapy, trustworthy and a good teacher for both adaptive and regular lessons!
Thank you DeNyse Companies for supporting Zack and the work he does for the kiddos at BEATS!

Alex Wasser Memorial Fund
A HUGE thank you to Sean Rafferty with GPC Contracting , LLC for donating his time and skills to regrade our indoor arena!!!  Having an indoor ring is critical to BEATS to provide consistent services but it takes a beating and needed some work!       Check them out here! www.weneedasphalt.com

Thank you also to Carol and Gary NeSmith for helping arrange things and all you do to support BEATS.   


Established in 2003, BEATS primary mission is to make hippotherapy and therapeutic riding accessible to anyone who could benefit from this service. BEATS is dedicated to empowering children and adults with physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges to live healthier and more independent lives through quality equine-assisted activities and therapies.


Coming soon in 2020
Brewing for BEATS       Date: POSTPONED, Pontoon Brewery