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Mystic- Welsh

This spry guy has done it all.  Formally a show pony, Mystic still loves to take kids around at a walk, trot or canter and small jumps.  His calm personality paired with a peppy step makes him a favorite for many. 
Lainey-Gypsy Vanner
Nicknames: The Bearded Lainey
This is a sweet, gentle mare who likes to take her time.  She loves her job of taking care of some of our toughest riders but still has plenty of pep for an independent rider.  She also has the most hair in the barn and doesn't mind standing to have it combed or braided.

Jett - Percheron
This big guy started life delivering pies with his Amish friends.  Now he provides a sturdy ride for many and also teaches some of our clients to drive the cart.  This sweet horse is one of the kindest you will ever meet and takes care of his friends whether on his back, on the ground or in the cart.
Carousel-Dutch Wbld
This is a willing horse who has an amazing maturity for a horse his age.  Though young, he is calm, laidback and a good teacher.  Carousel is incredibly patient with new riders who are learning independence.

Shiloh-Quarter X
  A wonderful horse for independent riders, especially those who jump.  Shiloh is forgiving of riding mistakes and a great teacher.  He helps therapeutic riders transition to recreational riding. 

Zack - Welsh
Nicknames: Zack Attack,
 Slow and steady, Zack wears many hats.  He can teach a kid to jump and is also a great, calm partner for therapy.  He loves treats and a slow pace.

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Magellan - Haflinger
Nickname: Jelly
This pony might be sassy, but his smooth gait is perfect for our riders who lack core control.  He is also an excellent horse for our walk-trot riders who need a smooth ride.  He loves being outside and eating treats (maybe a little too much.)

Taz- Welsh
This perfect pony is perfectly sized for our little riders.  Though nearing retirement, Taz is a favorite of many kids and is wonderful for our riders who need an active mover.  He is sweet and loves treats, cuddles and all the love he get.

Tryst- Caspian
Nicknames: Trysty, Trystopher
This spunky guy has the important job of fitting our tiniest of riders due to his delicate bone structure.  He can't have treats but loves pats and hanging with his pals Mystic and Luigi.

On loan from Animal Casting Atlanta, Commander has been in several movies.  He is a star in more ways than one, with a sweet personality and gentle curiousity.  He provides a sturdy mount for taller riders and has been a reliable addition to the special olympics team.  It's hard not to like this giant cuddly horse.

Hamlet- Belgian
Nickname- Hammy
This gentle giant takes care of our taller riders.  The Prince Charming of horses, Hamlet came from a career in low level dressage and has been a kind, willing partner for all who ride him.  He loves treats and photo ops- he even poses for you.

Dillon - Paint
As a five year old, Dillon was a champion on the World APHA circuit. He continued his career as a young horse winning New England APHA youth champion several times with his owner.  Now Dillon is essential to our therapeutic riding program with his calm demeanor, symmetrical smooth movement and great personality. 

Finn- Fjord
Our very own "Frozen" horse is very animated and has tons of personality.  He loves peppermints and to graze with pals.  Finn has never met a stranger and his happy to greet anyone.  He is a great therapy partner for a rider who needs a solid symmetrical ride.

Dudley - Paint
This trustworthy horse has done it all.  Originally bred and trained for reining and trail, Dudley found his calling as a jumper.  He has dabbled in dressage, participated in mounted police clinics and has a great personality.  His smooth, comfortable gaits provide a reliable ride for our therapeutic riding program.  He enjoys cuddles, treats and laidback rides.

Jester - Quarter Pony
This guy was found walking down the road with two other horses and had obviously not been cared for.  After lots of food and love, he turned out to be one of our best therapy ponies.  His quick gait is great for enganging riders with low tone. 

Lance- Tennessee Wlkr

Fondly known as "Lance the Wonder Horse" by many of the volunteers, Lance is a great partner for riders who need lots of lateral movement.  This sweet boy is kind, quiet, and loves his job. 

Happily retired but still getting the love!

First in the Program, first in our hearts
Forst- an awesome Fjord who always love attention

In memory of our Equine Partners we have lost

​​"When you are on a great horse, you have the best seat you will ever have."

Sir Winston Churchill